Is the UK the best place to work for a translator?

Source: TCA presentation on the translation industry development in 2015 available on

As a translator or a member of a translation agency, we sometimes wonder what will be the future of our industry. Has the introduction of new translation tools and machine translation changed the dynamics of our industry? ATC has conducted a survey based on 70 responses and sponsored by Plunet, Memsources and Comtec translations. It included a 40 question survey about salaries; rates, sources of growth but the most discussed topic was the biggest technology providers.

According to the survey, the top 40 LSPs (language service providers) in the UK are:

The information which was provided by external sources (see third column), combined all of the companies together for a total market volume which exceeds £ 1billion. The biggest providers are SDL, HOGARTH, and RWS. According to this research, the British translation market is one of the biggest in the world; it’s in 3rd after  the US and German market.

Traditional services as translation and interpreting are the most requested services which make up to 86.7% of the requests. The market is indeed still dominated by translation for 61.3%, interpreting 25.4%, and other services 13.3%.

The growth of 70 companies from 2013 to 2015 was 6% of global marketing. The companies are growing up because of extension of contracts from their customers thanks to their global expansion.

The three most used CAT tools according to the survey are:

SDL trados 2014-2015 version

SDL trados 2007-2011 version

Kiigray memoQ


Another interesting piece of data is the rate (in British sterling) per word.


What are your thoughts on that?



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