Life sciences translations can be crucial to a patient’s life. We understand this and take them as seriously as you do. Your company needs a reliable and trustworthy partner with proven expertise in the medical field. There are specific fields such as medical translations and scientific translations, in which in industry specialization and often qualification is essential. Areas such as scientific translation do not allow delays or approximations. For nearly ten years, TranslationsInLondon has been in close contact with medical and scientific researchers, hospital facilities, university institutes, pharmaceutical companies and regulatory offices, electromedical equipment manufacturers and publishers, with all the expertise required to meet the requirements of precision, competence and methodological rigor that must characterize translations of medical texts and scientific texts.

Our linguists are carefully selected, tested and matched to each specific project based on the required specialization and expertise required. We work with over 5,000 linguists across over 1002 languages. Specialisations include CMO, medical devices, CRO, clinical, regulatory, research, med-tech, development, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, healthcare and a wide range of therapeutic areas. From medical marketing material to clinical trial, we handle every aspect including regulatory, technical docs, labeling, software, sales & marketing, corporate, HR, legal, patents, training materials, and post-release surveillance and vigilance. We cover it all.

Our main areas of specilisations are:

  1. Medical devices
  2. Pharmaceutical
  3. Clinical trials

TranslationsInLondon’s  Life Sciences Division is not just a translation department. It is a real editorial in which professional translators, medical writers, scientific editors and specialists in every discipline work closely, which, certified and consistently formulated according to the strict ISO 9001 and 17100 standards, represent the flagship of the team of resources at TranslationsInLondon Ltd.

In the articulated work cycle, ranging from medical writing to medical translations or transcreation, from editing proofreading to end-to-end and end-to-end controls, reaching up to the scientific review and curation, with localization of content according to nomenclatures and target market drug agencies integrate and play a key role in all the most advanced tools of Language Technology.

Using Translation Memories and terminology databases, advanced terminology tools, QAtools and style guides, the linguistic staff of the Scientific Division is thus able to ensure the harmonization and correct contextualization of terminology and content of scientific translations .

TranslationsInLondon’s interdisciplinary expertise, in addition to the scientific team, including auditors and experts in the legal, technical, or IT field, enables you to deal with the competence and accuracy of the texts related to the Regulatory, Medical Technology, web content and software applications.

All this allows TranslationsInLondon to be on the international scene as one of the language services companies with the highest level of specialization and expertise in the field of medical translations, scientific translations and in general, of human sciences.