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What is Transcription?

Transcription is the process of converting a dictated audio recording into written text. Maintaining the integrity and message as intended. Generally, the dictation is created for speed and convenience where manually typing it out would either not be cost effective or the person dictating doesn’t have the typing skills required.

We at TranslationsInLondon do offer a Transcription Service but as you may expect more commonly we are dealing with Transcription Translation.


What is Transcription Translation?

Transcription Translation is the process of creating a written text of an audio recording in the desired Target language and ensuring that the integrity and message are maintained in the translated document.

It is important that any translator dealing with a transcription translation is not only a native speaker in the target language but also has the industry specific knowledge to accurately translate the spoken terms. It can sometimes be a challenging process involving re-listening to sections over and over to ensure accuracy. Regional accents and the quality of the audio recording can also make this a more challenging task at times.

It is essential that the desired end result is discussed before the translation takes place. Is a literal non edited transcription translation required? for example when translating a recording of a recording a legal statement, or should the translator look to grammatically and stylistically improve the final translation as you would expect for a sales report. This can be done as a 2 stage process if required so a record of any changes can be made, essentially a transcription and then Proofreading + Editing. Using an agency in can be a huge advantage when dealing with transcription translations as it allows for the use of separate linguists that can be tailored to each task. For example an English linguist to transpose the text and then and Italian linguist to translate the text accurately into Italian.

transcription-translations-services-translationsinlondonWe at TranslationsInLondon would love to hear from you to discuss any transcription translation needs you may have. We are bound by the European Union GDPR regulations so any data will be safe with us. We can arrange for the secure transfer of any files (usually compress MP3 or WAV files) via our online portal and any data would be encrypted.

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