What is Transcreation?

Transcreation is the adaptation of a brand message from target to source language, ensuring that the context, tone, style and intent remain.

This is usually a term reserved for short marketing or advertising texts such as slogans or tag lines.

To be successful at transcreation you need to be able to demonstrate a range of skills including:

  • Possessing high level technical native language skills.
  • Learning in depth knowledge of the product or service in question.
  • Maintaining in depth knowledge of the target market and how the product or service is currently considered if at all.
  • The creativity to be able to convert brand messages into the locale.

Clearly, with any kind of marketing texts a really high level of language skills are required but not always “text book” language skills. Often grammatically correct sentences are replaced with commonly used “slang” to speak directly to the target audience.

Learning about not only the product or service but how they are currently considered in both a positive and negative way in the target country. How are other similar products or brands marketed?

While there will be a clear brief and brand message to be maintained, a level of creativity is required to be able to adapt that message so that it fits and carries the intended “brand voice”.

transcreation-translationsinlondonTranscreation is a key part of a global marketing strategy and with technological advances new markets are increasingly available if you are prepared to reach out with a multilingual marketing campaign. People always like to be spoken to in their own language.

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