Multilingual e-commerce translation for online retailers

E-commerce is one of the most important channels for any company selling products and is vital for start-ups as it is often the first place to test a product in the marketplace. In the last few years, we have experienced a significant increase in the volume of transactions taking place online. It is also very competitive as web-marketing techniques are evolving and becoming much more sophisticated.
In this scenario, e-commerce websites do not only need good translations. They need to count on a language service provider who can proactively interact by supplying consultancy and evolved services.
In  order to compete globally on the web, it is necessary to match the language skills with the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialist’s requirements in terms of content and most searched keywords from the target market.
TranslationsInLondon Ltd has been working with many international online retailers and brands and have successfully built a global strategy for their global e-commerce websites.

Translation Services Offered

  • Translation of ad copy and keywords tailored for Google AdWords
  • Generating multilingual keywords list to target specific international markets
  • Translation within character limitations (this can be a challenge in certain languages)
  • Managing of HTML tags, descriptions, keywords and other back end code as required
  • Translations of databases in any format
  • Preparation of files for automatic upload of translations 
  • Uploading the translation directly onto the client’s website and dealing with any formatting
  • Translations of client’s existing online platforms or proofreading if already translated in-house

Translation of keywords

Rather than translating an list of keywords, TranslationsInLondon develops with research a new list of keywords per language.

In order to improve results and increase possibilities, we search synonyms or similar expressions that a user could search for. In other words, we put ourselves in our client’s shoes to have as wider ranging multilingual campaign as possible.

Translations optimised for SEO

Ranking on the first page of search engines is harder than ever. Companies invest many financial resources in an attempt to rank as highly as possible.


Content is KING!

Therefore the text of a website needs to be optimised for SEO both in the source language and in the languages of the markets you want to target.  An outstanding professional translation, with great grammar and style and geared towards your chosen keywords and synonyms of them. It’s not generally enough to simply get a Spanish translator to directly translate the relevant content, they would really need to tailor it to terms that work locally. This would be the same with the French translation and so on. As you can see it is a very in-depth tailored process.

TranslationsInLondon is able to produce professional translations optimised for search engines in your


Meta Tag HTML Translations

When it comes to meta tags, a little inside knowledge of websites/search engines is the best solution in order to rank in a foreign language engine.


TranslationsInLondon analyses the meta tags supplied by the clients, and based on the ranking goals, develops meta tags optimised for search engines.

In reality, some meta tags’s importance for ranking has changed dramatically – Keyword tags for example are now discredited due to previous “black hat” SEO techniques. Nevertheless, the DESCRIPTION meta tag can drastically improve the user experience. Therefore the target of the meta tags has to be the user and not the search engine. The language used needs to be similar to the client’s hence a simple, conversational style should be used rather than a “salesy” style. This line of text (C in the diagram above) is what draws the user to your page, it what is displayed in a search engine so it is vital to be localised to the target language.

Translation of AdWords campaigns

Launching an international Adwords campaign requires the translation of content and keywords keeping in mind that Google Ad Words has very specific criteria in terms of formatting and length.
As tempting it would be to just translate the keywords, it is recommended to cooperate with the SEO company to create a campaign in a foreign language which is similar but not identical to the one in the source language. E.g. if for a campaign you are looking to translate English to German you may need to alternate the terms to comply.

To increase the quality scores of the ads and minimise the cost per click (CPC) of Adwords it is necessary to guarantee the maximum consistency between keywords, ads’ text and the text of the landing pages.

A standard translation is not always enough to guarantee good scores of the ad and a translator not trained in SEO wouldn’t have a good understanding on how Google AdWords works. When the score is low, the Cost per click dramatically increases, spending the budget very quickly for a campaign, without getting the desired number of clicks (and not getting the best results possible).

It is always best practice to have 2/3 adverts created with slightly different translated content so these can be tested in order to find the optimum advert for your product/business.


AdWords translation technicalities

AdWords are very particular as they have a very limited number of characters:


The character limitation creates many issues above all with the languages with longer words common in languages such German. As you could imagine a non familiar alphabet such as Arabic would require an Arabic translator with this specialist knowledge to be able to re-write the content keeping the intended message to fit in with these restrictions.


As you can see this is a complex and specialist area whether you are looking to expand into the middle east and need Arabic Translation or need to enlist the help of a Chinese Translator to help your break into that market and you need an experienced partner such as TranslationsInLondon. 

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Not sure which country you want to target first? We can provide research data to help with this decision.

If you are looking for Italian Translation or Japanese Translation then check out or languages specific pages.

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