The world of Luxury Brands Translation

Are you working on a global marketing campaign and want an international audience to fully understand your brand? A luxury brand’s translation and localisation strategy can help push them to the very top of their industry.

Luxury brands spend hundreds of millions of their marketing budget on promoting their brands annually. Yet some of the biggest corporations have been unsuccessful at promoting their brands internationally.

When it comes to launching your brand globally, it’s essential to avoid word-for-word translation of your brand’s message. Localisation is key when you launch your brand internationally. Below are a few reasons why luxury brands must create multilingual marketing content.

a. Sell to your target market in other countries using their native language.

The current and future growth of the fashion industry will widely depend on emerging economies, that include BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) as well as, Turkey, Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates. The common ground between these countries is that they do not communicate or speak in common languages that are spoken in the Western world. It is very important to create a localised marketing campaign in other countries so that your target market can connect with your brand and product.


b. Marketing luxury products needs localisation.

It is important not to underestimate the power of language when you are out to promote your luxury goods or brand in the world. Besides localising your promotional content, you should also translate your website into other languages so your audience can really get a feel for your brand. The most successful global companies have understood the importance of localisation and have completely absorbed their brand with the local flavor.

c. Use Professional Translation and Localisation Companies

Now that you understand why luxury brands translation is a must for those who want to go global. Before you begin, remember that translation should always be done with the target audience in mind. The goal of localisation should be to preserve the brand message and simultaneously appeal to the global target market in their native language.

Fashion industry content is incredibly diverse and includes marketing content, such as; taglines, product descriptions, labels, and much more. Localising content through experts ensures market penetration and global expansion for your luxury brand. In fact translation is considered to be an asset that helps a luxury brand continue to grow in value, for years to come.


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