Providing Certified Translations to the Home Office

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They have written this short blog post for us detailing the considerations you need to make when you are providing certified translations to the home office.



With all Home Office applications, you will be required to send documentary evidence alongside your application. It is common that some of the documents you will need to provide will be issued in your home country.

When you have documents that you want to submit to the Home Office that are not in English, you need to send the original document with a Certified Translation, otherwise the Home Office will not give any consideration to this piece of evidence with your application.  These documents include, but are not limited to:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Academic certificates
  • Some National Identity Certificates
  • Any letters
  • Statements

A common mistake made is that the applicant does not provide a translation; or that the translation provided does not meet the standard of a Certified Translation.

So what is a Certified Translation?

A Certified Translation is one where the translator attests to the accuracy of the translation

The Certified Translation must include:

  • the date the translation was made,
  • the translator’s signature,
  • stamp and seal of the translation company and
  • include details of the translator’s full name and contact information or that of the translation company’s representative.

Common Mistakes that applicants make with regards to translating their document:

  • Not translating the whole document
  • Providing an undated translation
  • Providing translations that are inaccurate

These mistakes cause unnecessary long delays in the application process and can result in a refusal.

For this reason it is vital to your application that your documents are translated by a trusted and reputable certified translation company and one that has experience with understanding the Home Office standards.


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