Localising English is key to building confidence

Localising English thoughtfully and correctly can be the difference between gaining a new client and not, between building that long term trust and not. Language is created by culture, and it also reflects the history of that culture. When you’re visiting a country with a large English-speaking population, such as the United States or Australia, you will find a different variant of English language being spoken by the people, despite technically they speak the same language as you do in the UK. British English and American English contain many differences, and so does Australian English which further exemplifies the differences present in the English language.

English language varies from country to country. If you are targeting your campaign at the US market, localising english is key and important that your content is adapted using US spellings. For instance, if you are in real estate sector, you will use the term apartment for flat. You’d have to replace lift with elevator, lorry with truck, estate car and station wagon, taxi to cab, tap to faucet, so on and so forth. In order to conduct business effectively and make your marketing campaign a success, it is important to address your target audience appropriately.


Doing business with people from different countries and cultures can hugely impact and grow your business, as well as, profit. However, you should make an informed decision about the language variant you choose. A professional translation service provider will help you choose the right variant for the market want to target and will ensure your translation demonstrates to potential clients how important they are to you.

When it comes to localising english in your marketing campaign in a particular variant of English language, it is important that you hire a translation company that does not only know and understand the language but also adapts to text to a specified locale and the culture of the region you’re planning to launch your marketing campaign in. Localisation includes changes in spelling, word choices, together with other aspects. A properly localised marketing campaign enables a greater level of engagement with your business in newer locations, therefore, localising can maximise the potential for success.

Not localising content that suits your target market will create a clear separation that could otherwise be avoided entirely. Content being correctly localised can bridge the gap between cultures. It can also demonstrate a greater willingness to be flexible and work together.

There is a not particularly new but still relevant article on the importance of localising from the Content Marketing Institute that is worth a read.

We’ve also touched on the importance of localising Japanese in this recent blog post.

TranslationinLondon is a professional language service provider that meets all your translation and localisation needs. Our friendly and professional team consists of a strong network of experienced linguists with relevant industry knowledge providing a tailored language solution for an ever growing list of international clients. No matter which English speaking country you want to target with your marketing campaign, we are here to help.


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